February Recap: Nail Polish Designs

Hello girlies!

Long time no see! I really have no excuse for my lack of posts except for the fact that I have been extremely busy with school and work but that does not seem like a very good excuse. But I am back now and will updating regularly with fun (and of course sparkly) nail polish designs!

I know that it may be the beginning of March now, but I thought that it would be better late than never to post my February nail designs!

Valentine’s Day Lace Inspired Nails


February was also my birthday so of course I had to paint a sparkly and festive nail design for that as well.

Birthday Inspired Nails


Both of these pink and purple designs were extremely fun to create and will hopefully provide a bit of inspiration for your overcoming nail polish designs!

xoxo, SparklieGirlie

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Halloween Nail Art

Happy Halloween girlies!

As you can probably tell by now, if I have any excuse at all to do nail art I will do it. Holidays are the best because I take the entire month leading up to them and paint as many little designs on my fingers as possible. This month was no exception. Halloween nail art is one of my favorites too because there are just so many options! I am going to take you girlies through my entire month of manicures.

Eerie Cobwebs

Cobwebs are one of the easiest nail art designs to create. All you need is a black nail pen and you are good to go!

Candy Corn and Spiders

This is another easy nail design to do.  All you have to do is stripe your nails in white, yellow, and orange and you instantly have created candy corn. I added the cute spiders with a black nail pen on my ring finger and thumb for a fun touch.

Assorted Halloween Fingers

To be completely honest, I could not decide what to paint on my nails when I painted these five different designs on each finger. I watched a bunch of tutorials on Youtube and took my favorite from each and put one on each finger.

Assorted Halloween Fingers: Take Two

The last nail design was me being incredibly spastic about what to paint on my nails once again. I searched Pinterest and YouTube until I found a couple different designs that I liked and then I painted them all! Why not have five designs on your nails instead of one? I kind of think that it looks even more festive than the same design repeated on each nail.

I hope that you girlies got some inspiration for your Halloween nails from these pictures! I think that nail polish is an extremely festive way to proudly display your holiday excitement.I hope you girlies have a spooktacular day full of costumes, candy, bootiful nails, and eerie fun.

Happy Halloween!

xoxo, SparklieGirlie

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Nail of the Day: Dipped in Sparkles

Happy Sunday girlies!!

Today my post for you is on my current sparkly (of course!) manicure. The colors are not exactly Autumnish but I am absolutely in love with it. Basically all I do is paint just the tips of my nails sparkly. It is super easy and looks so cute!


Step #1

Paint your nails a base color

Step #2

Paint the tip of the nail with sparkles

Step #3

Wipe of the sparkly nail brush so that there is very little polish left on the brush

Step #4

Smudge the sparkly polish down the nail so that it creates a sparkly, ombre effect. You do not want it to be a thick coat of sparkles down the nail because you want it to fade down the nail. Ta da!

The nail polish I used was all from Urban Outfitters. I had never bought nail polish from there before, but while I was in New York City we stopped in and I found this sparkly polish. I fell in love with the sparkles. I was very pleasantly surprised with the quality of the two polishes I bought. They were extremely creamy and not streaky at all.

Isn’t that the prettiest sparkly polish?

This is a really nice dusty lilac polish. It isn’t streaky at all and I love that the color is more of a purple rather than a taupe.

This type of look can be duplicated with any variety of colors, as long as a sparkly one is used on the tips. I have done it with a blue polish and blue sparkles as well and it is just as pretty.

I hope you girlies enjoyed this post and try out this nail look some time!

xoxo, SparklieGirlie

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Summer Manicures, You Will Be Missed

Why hello there! Long time no blog, right? Summer happened to just zip on by and I am a little more than sad that it is officially over and school is back in full swing. I would like to apologize for my lack of posts for the last two and a half months, I do not even have a good excuse. But I am back! I am going to be posting once a week for all of you beauties to enjoy. 🙂

For tonight’s post, I am just going to show you girlies pictures of my favorite summer manicures that I had during Summer 2012. I will miss these charming nail designs.

Starfishes and Sparkles

Fireworks and Stripes

Pink and Polished

Neon Animal Print









And those were just some highlights of my favorite summer manicures. I hope that you girlies enjoyed it! Summer, we will miss you.

xoxo, SparklieGirlie

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Nail of the Day: Rainbow Polka Dots

I am a huge fan of the beauty gurus on YouTube. I watch tutorials and videos practically very single day and it is a major source of my beauty and fashion inspiration. I will be the first to admit that I am a bit obsessed. I found this nail tutorial by MissJenFABULOUS and had to recreate it. I absolutely love all of her nail tutorials and you should definitely go check her out if you have never seen her videos before. The colors in the original tutorial were blue, but I used rainbow colors and I am incredibly pleased with how it came out. I am absolutely in love with these nails!!

Here is the link to the original tutorial that I watched that inspired me to create these nails:


These are the colors that I used to create this look. I think that the entire rainbow of colors makes these nails an incredibly fun look for summer.

I am going to take you through my nails step by step showing the different colors that I used. To make the dots, I just pulled apart a bobby pin and dipped the ends into the nail polish color. Without a dotting tool, this is the best way to make dots that I have discovered.

Sephora by O.P.I.- Cab Fare

Essie- As Gold As It Gets

This is a sparkly gold top coat. This step is completely optional but I liked the added sparkle. I did not want to use a glitter topcoat over the polka dots because I thought it would be too much, but this hint of glitter is perfect.

Sephora by O.P.I.- Slushied

Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear- Crushed

Sinful Colors- #198 Irish Green

Revlon- Fuchsia Fever

Essie- Play Date

O.P.I.- Let Them Eat Rice Cake

It is slightly unexpected but I think this cream eggshell color really pulled together the whole look. I was hesitant to add it, but am incredibly pleased with the result.

And ta da! I hope that you love these nails just as much as I do. And definitely watch the tutorial and consider recreating this look for yourself. 🙂 Enjoy!

xoxo, SparklieGirlie

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Nail of the Day: Summer Brights

Today’s nail of the day is a combination of three different colors because when you cannot decide on one color, why not use three colors? Plus I think it is a fun pop of color for the summertime.











This was also an attempt upon the current nail polish trend of painting only your index finger. For some reason, it drives me crazy to have just my index finger painted a different color. So I decided to paint my middle finger and my index finger different colors and I am much happier with the result.











Revlon- Fuchsia Fever

This is a new nail polish purchase and I am really in love with it. It is an incredibly opaque color and applies very smoothly.











China Glaze- For Audrey

This has been a long time favorite nail polish of mine and will continue to be so. Who doesn’t love that Tiffany blue?










Revlon- Mad About Mango (Scented)

I have a hard time finding oranges that I like and while I am not in love with this color, it is not terrible. It is perfect for when I need an orange, and I do like how it is scented.











I hope that these bright summer colors inspired you to switch up your summer manicure! Enjoy!

xoxo, SparklieGirlie

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