Summer Manicures, You Will Be Missed

Why hello there! Long time no blog, right? Summer happened to just zip on by and I am a little more than sad that it is officially over and school is back in full swing. I would like to apologize for my lack of posts for the last two and a half months, I do not even have a good excuse. But I am back! I am going to be posting once a week for all of you beauties to enjoy. 🙂

For tonight’s post, I am just going to show you girlies pictures of my favorite summer manicures that I had during Summer 2012. I will miss these charming nail designs.

Starfishes and Sparkles

Fireworks and Stripes

Pink and Polished

Neon Animal Print









And those were just some highlights of my favorite summer manicures. I hope that you girlies enjoyed it! Summer, we will miss you.

xoxo, SparklieGirlie


About sparkliegirlie

A typical college student who is obsessed with everything beauty and fashion related. I like to add a bit of sparkle to things to add a touch of glitz and glamour.
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