Nail of the Day: Dipped in Sparkles

Happy Sunday girlies!!

Today my post for you is on my current sparkly (of course!) manicure. The colors are not exactly Autumnish but I am absolutely in love with it. Basically all I do is paint just the tips of my nails sparkly. It is super easy and looks so cute!


Step #1

Paint your nails a base color

Step #2

Paint the tip of the nail with sparkles

Step #3

Wipe of the sparkly nail brush so that there is very little polish left on the brush

Step #4

Smudge the sparkly polish down the nail so that it creates a sparkly, ombre effect. You do not want it to be a thick coat of sparkles down the nail because you want it to fade down the nail. Ta da!

The nail polish I used was all from Urban Outfitters. I had never bought nail polish from there before, but while I was in New York City we stopped in and I found this sparkly polish. I fell in love with the sparkles. I was very pleasantly surprised with the quality of the two polishes I bought. They were extremely creamy and not streaky at all.

Isn’t that the prettiest sparkly polish?

This is a really nice dusty lilac polish. It isn’t streaky at all and I love that the color is more of a purple rather than a taupe.

This type of look can be duplicated with any variety of colors, as long as a sparkly one is used on the tips. I have done it with a blue polish and blue sparkles as well and it is just as pretty.

I hope you girlies enjoyed this post and try out this nail look some time!

xoxo, SparklieGirlie


About sparkliegirlie

A typical college student who is obsessed with everything beauty and fashion related. I like to add a bit of sparkle to things to add a touch of glitz and glamour.
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